Aero Bike

AERO bicycle is a brand established by Digital Architects and Martino Hutz. Originally designed during their work at Studio Zaha Hadid, University of Applied Arts Vienna, the bicycle was launched

at Milan Design Week 2015. The unique frame de- sign of this bicycle aims to uncover new possibilities for wooden structures. The shape is generated using structural form finding methods.

Model posing with the bikeDiagrams explaining the bike

Through the simulation of forces that are typical- ly imparted on a bicycle, a catalogue of design solutions for the supportive structure was gener- ated. After choosing the most interesting solution in terms of handling and design, the shape was remodelled and further analysed using more precise material inputs. Replacing conventional

spring solutions, the wooden lamellas of the frame provide lightness, flexibility and strength. Revolutionary Composite Wood Carbon Technology was speci cally engineered by Digital Architects and it become the first development prototype of the AGM Construction System.

The bike in a photostudio