Close-up of the AGM-Structure

The development of the wood-carbon composite concept, pioneered by Digital Architects from Austria. The combination of thin wood veneers with plies of carbon fiber means that structural materials can be easily designed to meet any particular load case.

The Active Grid Monocoque is a roof construction concept of curved wood/carbon composite panels suitable for large-span, free-form, shell structures. The development of this system has been achieved through series of technology demonstrators build to test di erent aspects of this concept.

AGM structure during the build processDiagrams explaining the AGM Structure

AGM or Active Grid Monocoque is an assembly method for high structural and energy performance wood/carbon composite panels. The wooden material used to form one panel is only 0.7mm thin which makes each panel very easy to be curved 3 dimensionally by multipoint bending press.

The AGM Construction System is a manufacturing method of ultra-light weight and very thin 3D curved structural surfaces by layering AGM panels in specific order.

Finishing polish of the wooden structure